Vision and Values at Co-op Academy Walkden

Vision and Values at Co-op Academy Walkden

Co-op Academy Walkden will be an outstanding, vibrant learning community, which is:




and where every child develops the knowledge, skills and character that will prepare them for their next steps in life, through a rich, purposefully designed curriculum, in its broadest sense.

Co-op Academy Walkden will ensure that every member of the school community is supported and valued and where success is celebrated in every aspect of school life. Through their experience at Co-op Academy Walkden, students will have enhanced chances and opportunities for success in their next steps in life

The children of Walkden and the surrounding areas deserve an education that is second to none, at an academy that both they and the wider community are proud to call their own.

At Co-op Academy Walkden we believe in the co-op values and we live our lives as the Rochdale Pioneers did.

The Rochdale Pioneers started the Co-op back in 1844. They were a group of hard working men who wanted to make conditions for ordinary people in their community better. Whatever got in their way of doing this they overcame. Education has been at the heart of the Co-op since the first shop opened with a reading room in it. Workers could go at night and learn by candle light. Fortunately, we do not have to work by candle light today at Co-op Academy Walkden but we do believe in the pioneers story. Their values of determination, resilience and a want to make the lives of others better guide us in what we do.

That was the Pioneers way and that is the Walkden Way.