Vision and Values

Vision and Values

Our Co-op Values: All of this is based upon the values of Co-op Group which will inform our behaviours.

Self-help: We do not expect to be spoon fed – we will try to do things for ourselves in the right way and at the right time.

Self-responsibility: Everyone should act in a responsible way around the academy site and in the local community. We take responsibility for our own learning; we want to become independent learners.Self-help; Self-responsibility; Democracy; Equality; Equity; Solidarity.

Equality: We are proud to be part of a very multi-cultural academy, with students from all over the world; it is important that we treat each other with respect and accept that others may be different from ourselves. We should all of us have equal chances to succeed.

Equity: We want to look for the best in each other. Rewarding others fairly to encourage all types of achievement.

Democracy: We will contribute our ideas to make the academy a success.

Solidarity: We can achieve more by working together, rather than as individuals.

Values are demonstrated in the Co-op ways of being:

Do what matters most; be yourself, always; succeed together; show you care.

Our Vision

We are an academic comprehensive…

…dedicated to creating Walkden STARS

Walkden High School is proud to be at the heart of its local community. We are a school with a strong family feel and our aim is to develop students who are

Sensible, Thoughtful, Ambitious, Respectful and Supportive.

Ambition is at the heart of our ethos – we want our pupils to be the best that they can be academically, culturally and socially. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence in our GCSEs. We show amazing team spirit in the sporting and arts arenas. We build strong social awareness through our charity and community work.

We take great care in developing the character traits that wrap around ambition in our ethos. These are the attributes that will ensure that our pupils develop into the rounded members of our community that we know they can be. Our curriculum is broad and is almost entirely delivered through GCSEs.

We invest hugely in providing our students with the advice and guidance that allows them to successfully move onto the next phase of their education. We are proud of our students’ achievements – they are all Walkden STARS.