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Progression from studying English

English Language is so important. You will need at least a Grade 5 in English to access Level 3 courses. Most careers will ask you to have a certain level of English too. Your grade in English and Maths will always be looked at by employers when they are considering you for a job.

From studying English Language GCSE, you can go on to study English Language A-Level. This can lead to studying all sorts of subjects at University or onto exciting English based apprenticeships. For example:

  • Print or broadcast journalism;
  • Digital Marketing and communications;
  • Public Relations;
  • Publishing;

Check out the range of apprenticeships here which need you to have good English skills or take a look at some more information about English based degrees here.

English Literature, although not a requirement for Further Education, is an important GCSE which displays an educated and lively mind. If you wish to go on to study English Literature at A-level, it also gives you a great foundation in your learning and skill development.

English Literature A-level can lead you to studying a wide variety of subjects at University. English Literature can be studied on it’s own or it can be combined with other subjects such as:

  • History;
  • Creative Writing;
  • Drama;
  • English Language.

Have a look at the UCAS website to see how many different combinations you can do.


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