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General enquiries: Office Manager

Co-op Academy Walkden, 211 Old Clough Lane, Worsley, Manchester M28 7JB

0161 975 8000
How can we help?
How do I contact the SENCO?

Please contact Mrs Croft, your SEN Co-ordinator.

I have a question about the academy, who do I contact?

You can email or send a letter.

All General Enquiries should be addressed to;
Miss L. Cooper – P.A to the Senior Leadership Team
Co-op Academy Walkden
211 Old Clough Lane
M28 7JB

How do I contact the Chair of Governors?

Please write to:

FAO Chair of Governors
Co-op Academy Walkden
211 Old Clough Lane
M28 7JB

Where can I find term dates?
I want to talk to someone about my child but am unsure of who to contact?

The first person to contact at the Academy if you have any concerns or would like to raise any issues is the Head of Year. This is the person who will know your child best. They will liaise with you to make sure that you get the answer you require.

Year 7 – Miss E Rogers
Year 8 – Mr L McCabe
Year 9 – Ms Garner
Year 10 – Mr G Healey
Year 11 – Ms L Simpson

In the event of the Heads of Year being unavailable, please contact the Pastoral Manager and Heads of Year Lead , Mr N Hilton.

I want to enrol my child at your Academy, what do I do?

Applications for places at the academy can be made via the local authority admissions page or our admissions page here

To complete this form you will require the unique pupil number found on the letter from local authority which you would have received if your child is currently in Year 6. Co-operative Academy Walkden considers all applications for places.

Is transport available?

Yes. We offer bus transport from several points in the city. To see if it is available to you please call our office on 0161 975 8000.

Where can I find term dates?

You can find all term dates here.

How do I order uniform?

Full information on our uniform, where and how to buy is here.

What is your catchment area?

As long as we are not over-subscribed, we will accept students from any area.

Could I have a look around the academy?

Yes. You’re welcome to come and meet us during the working day or out of hours.

To arrange a tour or visit, contact or call 0161 975 8000

How much are school meals?

We offer an extensive menu, catering for a wide variety of tastes and cultures, purchased through our cashless catering system. Academy meals are currently £2.20. Read more here

How do I contact the Co-op Academies Trust?

Any complaint or concern should be raised via the Chair of Governors, this is clearly outlined in our Complaints Policy. The contact for our Governing Body is FAO Chair of Governors, Co-op Academy Walkden, 211 Old Clough Lane, Worsley, Manchester, M28 7JB.

Following this should you still wish to contact the Co-op Academies Trust, you can write to the Central Team at X99 Co-op Academies, 8th Floor, 1 Angel Square, Manchester, M60 0AG. (Please mark all envelopes with X99 to ensure it reaches the Trust.)