Employer Engagement

Employers, we need your support to direct our students towards your industries.

We have completed an audit of subjects that we would really benefit from your employer support. We are interested in the problems and challenges you are faced with day to day in your profession, so that we can link those challenges to our lessons. This, in return, better informs pupil career choices and provides increased motivation within subjects.

This subject spreadsheet contains a range of topics that have been submitted by our teachers as areas they would welcome employer engagement with. We would appreciate real-life working examples of how these topics are used in your industry and invite you into the classroom.  We don’t ask you to teach the lesson, just provide topic context, a few examples and promote your industry. You can sign up to help us here.

Why are we doing this?

Take a look at the National Skills Shortages listed on the Visabureau website. Each of the job roles listed on this website are employment skills urgently required in the UK . These are the roles that the UK are desperate to fill and our shared challenge as educators and employers is to direct our young people towards these industries.

Our economy requires thriving industries, but industries can only deliver growth if there are sufficient skills in the market to meet productivity demands. We need our children to be choosing growth sector opportunities and for this to happen we urge employers to actively engage within education.

Working together with schools is now much more than simply meeting corporate social responsibilities, you need our children to develop the skills required to solve your industry challenges.

How can I help? 

  • Look through the topic requests provided by teachers in this spreadsheet
  • Choose a topic and complete your submission of interest here.
  • Following your submission of interest you can expect a welcome email/phone call within a week from our Senior Careers Leader.
  • Once a topic is agreed you will be introduced to the subject teacher by email to arrange a convenient time to conduct a phone call.
  • A phone call will take place between teacher and employer to agree a mutually convenient date to visit the lesson, expectations/objectives will be discussed and a date agreed.
  • You visit the class and inspire a future generation of learners!

There are also further ways in which you can support us

At Co-op Academy Walkden, we are committed to the wider Greater Manchester Strategy.

“That all our young people will successfully transition out of secondary school life ready, equipped for work and life-long learning “

As an employer, you can play a significant part in helping us achieve our goal.

If you are interested in providing any of the following, we’d be delighted to hear from you:

  • Work Experience;
  • Careers Talks;
  • Pupil mentoring;
  • Offering a work place visit;
  • Providing resources/ sponsorship.

Please contact us using this form.