Calendar of Events

Term dates and holidays, events for parents/carers and more.


Year 11 External Exams

Year 11 external exams will begin on Monday 9th May 2022 and will run until 17th June 2022. Details TBC.

9 May 2022

Year 10 Exams Report

Year 10 Exams Report will be sent to parents/carers electronically.

26 May 2022

Year 9 Exams

Year 9 Exams will run from Monday 20th June – Friday 24th June 2022. Details TBC.

20 June 2022

Summer Term Reports – Year 7,8 and10

Summer Term Reports will be sent to parents/carers of Year 7,8 and 10 students electronically.

7 July 2022

Summer Term Report – Year 9

Summer Term Reports will be sent to all Year 9 parents/carers electronically.

14 July 2022

Students Summer Holiday Begins

Students break up for their Summer Holiday on Thursday 21st July 2022. Details TBC.

21 July 2022


The Academy is closed to all students on this day.

22 July 2022