Our Curriculum

Welcome to our curriculum page, where you can find out information about the subjects we teach. Here you can read an overview of our curriculum aims and further information on each of our subjects.


Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum includes (and goes far beyond) the National Curriculum, which allows students to gain the essential knowledge that they need to be educated citizens. We offer our students a…

Art and Design

Art and Design not only allows pupils to produce a fantastic portfolio of work, it broadens the mind, enhances fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, lateral thinking, complex analysis and critical thinking skills. No matter what career you choose, those who can arrange, present and display material in a way that is aesthetically pleasing have an advantage.

Art and Design

Business Studies

Studying Business Studies at GCSE provides students with a broad range of key knowledge and skills required for adult life and is not just relevant to those with aspirations of owning and running their own business, but also to all students as they move into the wider world of work. The subject develops understanding of finance and budgeting, marketing strategies and decisions, recruitment, taxation, interest and exchange rates, technology affecting and influencing business and legislation.

Business Studies


Students will develop a broad background knowledge and core knowledge of the construction industry linked with a detailed overview of a wide range of career paths. Students will be given the opportunity to develop their knowledge in relevant, enjoyable and work-related contexts for practical skills.


Computer Science

Understanding how technology is developing and is influencing the world around us is an essential skill. Technology is a growing industry that is shaping our future lives. Computing students will develop essential skills in analysing, problem solving and creating digital solutions for issues and lifestyle choices society does not yet know it is going to make. It is therefore important that students are given the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the potential uses and opportunities presented by technology, whilst ensuring they are aware of the risks, ethical considerations and issues that the ever expanding digital world will present.

Computer Science


Drama helps to promote a pupils communication, cooperation and commitment skill. It stimulates their imagination and creativity whilst aiding in their development to gain a better understanding of human behaviour and empathy


Design Technology

The subject encourages pupils to become autonomous and creative problem- solvers, both as individuals and as part of a team. It enables them to identify needs and opportunities and to respond by developing ideas, and eventually making products and systems. Through their studies of Design technology they combine practical skills with an understanding of aesthetic, social and environmental issues, as well as functions and industrial practices. This allows them to reflect on and evaluate present and past design and technology, its uses and its impacts.

Design Technology


Engineering is a huge focus for the British government at the minute. Engineering is an increasingly innovative and exciting area to work in. It affects every aspect of modern life – from skyscrapers to smart phones, cars to carrier bags. There are fantastic opportunities for apprenticeships and for Graduate schemes after sixth form at companies for careers in industry all across the world. Wages in Engineering are on the whole very good and jobs are a plenty.


English Language is an essential part of every day life; it is used to communicate, understand and develop insight into the world around you. It provides an appreciation of the intricacies of our everyday talk and how this links to power, influence and passion. English Literature provides a rich and extensive insight into a variety cultures, exploring texts from as early as the 16th century to the present day.


Food Preparation and Nutrition

Through studying Food Preparation and Nutrition, students’ develop an understanding of the working characteristics, functionality and chemical properties of ingredients.

Food Preparation and Nutrition


Geography is an ever-evolving subject which has a fundamental and integral impact on how we live our lives; from how we travel to school or work, what clothes we wear to suit the ever changing climate, to what foods are available on our dining tables. In this modern era, Geography is arguably even more significant, and it is our young people who are leading the charge in changing the planet for the better. It dictates where we can live, the price of food, the ethics surrounding our fuel, how populations will change in the future, and if the planet will survive to the next generation.

Health and Social Care

This is the right course for anyone interested in careers within the Health and Social Care sector. It explores the health and care issues needed by people at various stages in their lives from childhood to old age. You will build up an extensive knowledge of the health care sector and will have ongoing contact with professionals in the field through workshops, visits and relevant work experience placement.

Hospitality and Catering

Hospitality and catering is a vocational course which provides opportunities for our students of all abilities – ensuring success for all . It is an engaging and interesting course that allows students to develop not only specific industrial knowledge but also life skills for the workplace and supports developing positive attitudes.


History is an academic subject rich in powerful knowledge. It provides coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. Our curriculum objective is for our students to be able to locate themselves and their world within a much larger tapestry of time, in order to see the changes, continuities, patterns, diversity, interpretations and stories of the past. With one eye metaphorically on the past and one eye literally on the present, we aim to give students an informed platform to look towards the future.


Understanding and using ICT applications is now an essential element of modern life, impacting on home, education and work environments. It is therefore important that students are given the opportunity to develop a broad understanding of the potential uses and opportunities presented by ICT, whilst ensuring they are aware of the risks and issues that the ever expanding digital world will present.


Maths is such an important subject, not only in the classroom but as a life skill. Students will need to know how to calculate interest rates or discounts in shops. We want our students to be confident in using maths, both in the classroom and beyond. Many jobs will ask for key maths skills and use mathematical concepts also. Employers look for good maths skills for all jobs.

Media Studies

Media Studies is a subject that is incredibly diverse and broadens the minds of a generation who are constantly in touch with a range of media. By studying, exploring and producing a range of media texts including newspapers, television programmes, video games, advertising, music videos, magazines and social media, students will be equipped to decode meanings and messages and express their own creativity by developing their own ideas. The creative industries are one of the largest growth sectors for employment and Media Studies offers a fantastic gateway to explore this field.

Modern Foreign Languages

“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every day along the way.” Franck Smith
Learning another language helps with communication skills, memory skills, better understanding of your own language as well as offering better career prospects.


Music is fun, it gives students an outlet to express themselves, raise self-esteem and develop valuables skills such as resilience, social awareness and time management. Studies actually show evidence that training in music can help mental development.

Philosophy, Religion and Ethics

This subject allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the world we live in and debate the ultimate questions in life.

Physical Education

By taking part in physical education your child will develop a wide range of skills including; physical ability in team and individual sports, leadership, communication, tolerance, independence, cooperation, fairness and respect and acceptance of responsibility.

Physical Education


Personal, Social, Health and Economic education is an important part of your personal development. Personal development happens throughout our lives; in school, when we are with our friends, at work, out shopping and socialising.


Without knowing it we have been learning science since the day we were born. The way we go about our lives and the actions we carry out daily often involve scientific processes that we’ve mastered without realising we were being scientists! By learning science we can explore and explain the reasons why phenomena happen, whether it be the everyday like turning on a light bulb or the complex perfection of a photon of light from the Sun creating food on Earth!


Sociology will give you a better understanding of humankind. It will help you develop a broad set of skills applicable to many different areas of work and it teaches you about all kinds of different world cultures and how these people interact with each other within their societies.