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Lunches and Payments

Lunches and Payments

We pride ourselves in serving the best meals possible to our students. We offer them the best value for money around. The average cost of a two course meal is £2.20.

Menu price increase Sept 2019

Co-op Academy Walkden offers:

  • A freshly-made two-course lunch every day,
  • Choose from a meal deal option consisting of a main meal, drink and either fresh fruit or biscuit.
  • A weekly menu with a variety of food types.

As well as to the standard menus, SPIE Catering offer additional choices. These are: deli style salad bar, baguettes, sandwiches, wraps, soup, noodle / pasta bar and jacket potatoes.

Pupils may pay for their school meal on the day. We have a cashless system using smart cards and payments can also be made by using Parentpay.

Parents and carers are asked to use Parent Pay to top up their child’s lunch account. Parent Pay also lets you monitor what your child is spending their money on. As well as the website, there is an option to top up at local Pay Point shops.

If your child is entitled to free school meals, their account will automatically topped up.

Food Sourcing

We aim to have all are suppliers locally based. All meat and poultry meets the UK welfare standards with full tractability. This means we know the farms where meat and poultry has been bred and reared. All eggs are free range to comply with the “Good Egg Award”.


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