Pastoral Support

The Pastoral Team

The Pastoral Team is made up of non-teaching staff who have the time and expertise to support you throughout your time at Walkden. They make sure you are safe, happy, and settled. Each year group has their own Head. This Head of Year will stay with you throughout your time at the Academy. This means they will get to know you well and can support you as an individual.

You can find out more about the Pastoral Team here.

Form Tutors

We want you to be cared for as an individual at Walkden, and having your own form tutor makes sure that this happens. Every student is given a form tutor when they start in Year 7. The form tutors are the first people to see you in a morning. 

Find out more about our form tutors, and form time here.

Who can I talk to when I am worried?

If you have a worry or an issue, it’s always best to talk to an adult about it. On this page you will find information about who you can talk to at the academy, and some organisations you can talk to outside of school hours.