Rewards and consequences

At our academy we respect our students by having high expectations of them in terms of their:

  • attitude to learning;
  • appearance;
  • behaviour.

The choices that our students make have consequences:

  • positive choices lead to praise and rewards.
  • negative choices are challenged and can lead to sanctions.

Praise and rewards

We use Class Charts as a way of logging positive and negative behaviours at Walkden. This is how we reward students:

  • 5 points are added at the end of the day for students who have completed the day with no behaviour incidents;
  • If a student has a whole week of being awarded 5 points each day, they get an extra 5 points added on a Friday evening.
  • If a student gets 1 C1 incident in a day, they will be awarded 3 points for the day. They will not receive their bonus points at the end of the week;
  • If a student did not attend school, they have more than 1 C1 in a day or they have any C2, C3 or C4 incidents, they will loose all of their points for that day.
  • Staff can award extra points for ‘Star of the Lesson’.

Class Charts points can be redeemed in the online shop, where students can buy pens and pencils, vouchers for high street stores or can put the money towards academy trips.

Other ways in which we recognise the achievements of our students include:

  • praise from teachers, including postcards for good effort in lessons;
  • certificates and badges presented in assemblies for achievement in lessons and attendance;
  • rewards trips for good attendance and behaviour;
  • end of year and end of school ceremonies – Ways of Being Walkden Awards Evening.

Dealing fairly with negative behaviour

Our students have the right to learn in a safe environment, without disruption from other students. Our system of consequences is there to keep our students safe, to create a calm environment for learning, and also to give students a chance to reflect and change their behaviour when it falls short of our expectations.

Staff follow a consequences grid to ensure they treat students fairly and consistently.  Consequences are given out in stages. These are:

C1 – Attitude for learning – Late to lesson, lack of equipment, disruption, poor effort.

C2 – Behaviour for learning – Removal from lesson or rowdy behaviour.

C3 – Respect – Aggression, bullying, refusal to attend class or walking away from staff.

C4 – Anti-social behaviour – Sustained bullying or discriminatory bullying, foul and abusive language towards staff, violence or illegal items.


We want to make our detention system fair, so that when you make a mistake, you are clear about what you need to do to put it right.We want every incident to be cleared by the end of each week, so everyone has a chance to succeed together the following week. We hope that a simpler, clearer system helps you make the right choices, so that you do really well in school and are ready for the outside world.

Three C1 incidents puts you in a C2 Detention.

Four C1 incidents puts you in a C3 Detention.

Heads of Year will still run after school detentions each night at 2:50pm. C2 detentions will dismiss at 3:15pm. C3 detentions will dismiss at 3:30pm.

Missing C2 or C3 Detention will put you in Principal’s Detention. The Principal’s detentions will be run on a Friday night until 5pm. 

Missing Principal’s Detention puts you in Isolation until it is done.

Late to school? Automatic thirty minute detention will be issued to be served that night.