Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

SEND at Walkden

Around 1 in 6 of our students has some sort of additional need, meaning that they require something different from or additional to other students. Most students are able to access a mainstream curriculum with support. Some of our more complex students access a more bespoke offer, most of which is based in the Hive. To find out more about our SEND provision at Walkden you may like to read our:

The Hive

The Hive is an Enhanced Resource Provision for students with Cognition and Learning Difficulties. We play a vital role in Salford’s vision for developing provision for students with SEND. We are improving options and outcomes for all students.

We have 7 students in each year group who are referred to us through Salford’s SEND team. These students need specialist support. This support might not be available in other mainstream schools. The Hive extends the inclusion of Salford students with SEND in mainstream schools.

Students benefit from access to teaching in small groups, in the Hive, and time in mainstream classes. There is a higher than usual level of staffing to meet more complex needs. This extends to break and lunch time support.

Students will be able to access much of the national curriculum, differentiated to an appropriate level. They will also benefit from an enriched curriculum including:

  • structured literacy/numeracy programmes;
  • the development of independent work skills;
  • the development of Social skills;
  • the development of Life skills;
  • the use of Community visits;
  • access to appropriate alternative qualifications.

The Hive itself is within main school, but with separate entrance and facilities, enabling students to have a secure haven. This designated area has:

  • full barrier free access, including toilet facilities;
  • supervised area for breaks and lunchtime which include catering facilities;
  • areas for small group teaching, therapy and positive support;
  • flexible learning spaces to enable a more personalised curriculum;
  • a highly visual learning ethos;
  • quiet work areas / work stations / distraction free room;
  • ICT facilities.

SEND team

Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is Mrs S King

We have a dedicated team of Teaching Assistants who work with our students. Many of them have specialisms, enabling us to provide the best support package for all our students in house. 

Contacts for the SEND team

Key contacts for the SEND department are:

Mrs S King (SENCO and Assistant Principal)

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