Black History Month

Black History Month

In October, we celebrate Black History Month. Black History Month was started in 1926. It began as a way of remembering important Black people and events that shaped history. It is celebrated in America, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands. This year’s theme is ‘Proud to be’. 

At Walkden, we are celebrating Black History month in several ways. 

Walkden’s Website 

This webpage celebrates all the excellent teaching about Black History that goes on at Walkden. You will also find further reading, films to watch, and things to do to help increase your knowledge of Black History. 

Black History Month Group

We are starting our ‘Black History Month’ group this October. This group will meet twice to: 

• discuss how we can improve Black History celebrations and education at Walkden all year round.

• choose new BAME authored books for the library. 

• design and create Walkden exclusive ‘Proud to be…’ badges.

Show Racism the Red Card – Wear it Red – Thursday 21st October 2021 

‘Show Racism The Red Card’ is a charity, set up by Shaka Hislop, ex-Newcastle FC player, in 1996. ‘Show Racism The Red Card’ wants to educate people. It aims to wipe out racism in sport and wider society. 

 Every year, in Black History Month, ‘Show Racism The Red Card’ asks people to wear red to raise awareness of their message. The official day for wearing red is the 22nd of October, but we are not in the Academy that day. So, instead, we are asking staff and students to wear a red accessory, in addition to their uniform, on Thursday 21st October 2021. Students can wear red accessories, but they must have perfect uniforms other than that. 

A link on parent pay has been added if parents/carers wish to donate to ‘Show Racism The Red Card’.