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Macmillan Cancer Support – Virtual Cake Quiz

Macmillan Cancer Support – Virtual Cake Quiz

In September, Macmillan Cancer Support charity hold their coffee morning, to raise vital funds enabling them to support and inspire people who are fighting cancer. This year, like many things, the Macmillan Coffee Morning needs to take on a new form! We wanted to make the Macmillan coffee morning our first awareness and fundraising event this year at Co-op Academy Walkden and we are always looking for pioneering ways! So, this year, we are going to hold a virtual quiz to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support…all themed around cake!

Take part alone, take part as a family, take part as a group of friends, we don’t mind how you do it, all we ask is that you make a £1 donation (or more!) on our just giving page to Macmillan Cancer Support before hitting submit on your answers.

The questions are below! Take your time, have a talk and make your decisions. When you are ready,  all answers must be submitted via the Google form by noon on 1st October 2020. Please make sure you have donated before you hit submit.

The quiz is open to all staff, parents, community members and students so please promote and pass the links on to any friends or family who might be interested too!


Although we are doing this to raise as much money as we can for Mcmillan Cancer Support, it’s always nice to have a prize on offer!

There will be a prize of a coffee morning hamper made up of Co-op products (coffee, tea, cake!) worth up to £20.

The winner will be the entry with the most right answers. If there is a tie, a random draw will take place to find the winner. The winner will be informed via email before October half term and you must be able to collect the coffee morning hamper from Co-op Academy Walkden.

The Quiz

Round 1 – Food Technology 

1) Unscramble the following cake ingredients

a) fles sriangi lfour

b) csagsutrear

c) tebtur

d) ibakdagons


2) Marzipan contains which type of nut?

3) What is another name for the ‘creaming method’?

4) Italian Meringue buttercream is usually made with butter, vanilla, sugar syrup and what other ingredient?

5) In a basic sponge cake, where you use ounces of flour, butter and sugar, how many eggs would you expect to use?

Round 2 – English 

1) Spot the correct spelling



c) Leaven/Leven


e) Focaccia/Focacia

2) In Alice in Wonderland, what is the Queen of Hearts famous for baking?

3) In the opening of the Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins has to cater for an unexpected party. From this list, what cake is NOT mentioned in the story

a) Duchess Cake

b) Seed Cake

c) Cherry Turnover

4) Not quite a cake…but still sweet…What does Paddington bear like in his sandwiches?

5) In Matilda by Roald Dahl, Bruce Bogtrotter is humiliated in assembly when he is forced to eat what?

Round 3 – Maths

1) How many ounces in a pound?

2) If you have 4kg of mixture and you need to make 200 cupcakes, how many grams of mixture would you need to put in each cupcake case?

3) Your family ask you to bake a cake which is 8 inches in diameter. What circumference cake tin (to the nearest whole number) do you buy?

4) A recipe calls for 135g of sugar, but you only have cups to work with. How many cups of sugar would you use?

5) How many in a bakers dozen?

Round 4 – Science 

1) What is the scientific name for egg white?

2)Gluten is a type of

a) Carbohydrate

b) Protein

c) Fat

3) What % of fat is butter?

a) 73%

b) 80%

c) 96%

4) What is the chemical formula for baking powder?

5) There are two proteins that make up flour. What are they called?

Round 5 – History

1) True or False: There was a Roman cake named a placenta. This was a cake baked in a pastry case?

2) True or False: Sponge cakes (as we know them!) originate from Italy?

3) True or False: The word ‘cake’ was derived from the old Norse word ‘Kaka’?

4) True or False: It is claimed that the first round cake, with icing on, was baked in Asia?

5) True or False: The first cheesecake recipe ever recorded was dated 1558?

Round 6 – Geography

Name the country that this cake comes from:

1)Galette des Rois

2) Basbousa

3) Mochi

4) Mawa Cake

5) Tres Leches Cake

Round 7 – Languages 

Here are some ingredients you may come across in recipes from different countries. Can you translate them and work out what they are?

1) Czekolada (Polish)

2) Komugiko (Japanese)

3) Lemwn (Welsh)

4) La Mantequilla (Spanish)

5) Rosin (Norwegian)