It’s what we do: Food hampers for our community

It’s what we do: Food hampers for our community

Our community is very important to us at Co-op Academy Walkden, and we can always rely on your support when we ask for it. You have supported us in so many ways over the past few years, from helping your child get the very best from their learning to your generous donations to our charity appeals, such as the highly successful Christmas Present Appeal we ran in December. But, community is about working together to support each other towards success, and we are more than happy when we, as a school, can do what matters most and show that we care about our community when they need it.

This past year has been tough on our community. Individuals have faced unprecedented challenges, which, for some families, has lead to them needing help. Over the past year, trips to food banks in the UK have risen by 61%, with the Trussell Trust giving out, on average, six food parcels a minute. In a report from the Trussell Trust, they said, “During the start of the pandemic, around half of people who used a food bank had never needed one before. Families with children have been hardest hit”.

Here at Co-op Academy Walkden, we would never want to see a family go hungry or a child’s learning and development suffer through lack of food. So, over the past two weeks, Mrs Earley, Assistant Head of Progress, has been co-ordinating a food collection for some of our hardest-hit families.

Mrs Earley said, “I was so grateful for the response we got last year when we appealed to the community for help with prom dresses and prom outfits. Lots of people took the time to show that they cared for our students. It’s only right, and fair, that we give back, as a staff body, to our families when they need it.”

Last week, Mrs Earley sent an email around, asking staff to donate food so that food hampers could be made and taken to families in need, and the response has been overwhelming. Ten parcels have already been distributed, and another 18 are waiting to go out.

Mrs Earley said, “I want to thank our staff, who are incredible. They have been dropping off bags of food at the Academy when they have been coming in to cover the critical/vulnerable rota. It’s a tough time for them too. However, they are still doing what matters most, caring for our community. Their generosity has been amazing, and the families that have received the food hampers, to date, have been really appreciative of their efforts. It’s just one less thing for them to worry about”.