GCSE Success at Co-op Academy Walkden

GCSE Success at Co-op Academy Walkden

Yesterday, students at Co-op Academy Walkden received their GCSE results and we couldn’t be more proud! Our 2021 leavers have had a disrupted Key Stage 4 due to the pandemic, and the resilience and determination they have shown has been outstanding.

Mr Hacker, Principal at Co-op Academy Walkden, said, “I am proud of every one of our students receiving their GCSE results. They’ve worked so hard and retained such a positive outlook throughout a disruptive time. I hope that all of our students can progress onto the next stage in their education or employment. Well done all!”

We caught up with some of our students to celebrate their results and speak to them about their future beyond high school.

Abigail aced her GCSEs with 10 grade 9s, an outstanding achievement! Abigail will now progress to Loreto College to study Maths, Biology, and Chemistry and intends to study Medicine at university.

Abigail said, “I have had lots of educational opportunities at Co-op Academy Walkden. The Academy is improving every year and the teachers have supported me and helped me to be the best that I can be. Thank you to them all.”

Well done, Abigail, for such an outstanding achievement; we are sure you will be a fabulous future medic.

Another future medic is Matthew, whose excellent set of GCSE results will see him progress to Winstanley College to study A-levels in Biology, Chemistry, and Computer Science.

Matthew said, “I have enjoyed being at Co-op Academy Walkden, especially learning new things and making new friends. The teachers have helped me reach the best grades that I could and they have been great!”

Well done Matthew, we are sure you have got a bright future ahead of you.

Arjun was another of our top achievers, gaining a grade 9 in 5 of his subjects! Arjun will also progress to Winstanley College to study A-levels in History, English, and a third undecided subject. What he does know is that he has his sights firmly set on university in the future!

Arjun said, “Making new and amazing friends has been the best bit about being at Co-op Academy Walkden. I would recommend Walkden to anyone as the teachers are really good! They are so nice and kind. I am grateful to them.”  Well done Arjun!

Bradley’s future in the Armed Forces has been secured through his hard work and determination. Bradley said, “I can’t wait to start my Public Services course at Eccles College and to sign up to the Army. I have enjoyed school and would recommend Walkden 110%. It is a great school and the staff are amazing. I have made some brilliant memories.”

We are sure that your career in the Armed Forces will bring some more brilliant memories too, Bradley! Well done on achieving your dream!

Sasha gained some brilliant results too, especially in Science and Health and Social Care! In the future, Sasha wants to train to be either a Psychiatric Nurse or Anesthesiologist. To achieve these ambitions, Sasha is looking to study Applied Science, Psychology, and Health and Social Care at Loreto College.

Sasha said, “I have loved being at Co-op Academy Walkden. I have been pushed so that I can achieve the goals I wanted to achieve. The teachers have been really supportive and they have never doubted me. They have always encouraged me to never give up”.

Well done Sasha, your determination and ambitious attitude are admirable! We are sure you will be a star in whichever career you choose!

Kobe’s results mean that he can change track from academic study to an excellent hands-on apprenticeship as a railway engineer! Kobe is set to take up his Level 3 apprenticeship at VPPLC Torrent Trackside.

Kobe said, “I have enjoyed my time at school, especially socialising with my friends. The teachers are friendly and everyone gets along with them. I want to thank Mr Mangas for helping me get my apprenticeship, but also every teacher for helping me through high school.”

Well done Kobe! We are impressed with this exciting choice of apprenticeship and we are sure you will do well in the future!

Joy kicked off her future by scoring a number of top GCSE grades! Joy not only one of our top achievers, but she is a talented footballer too with a great career ahead of her. Joy is now progressing to Winstanley College to study A-levels in Biology, Psychology and PE.

Joy said, “I have had so much support from my teachers and it’s been great to be with my friends at Walkden. I love this school, it’s done so much for me! I would like to thank all of the teachers for their support, both in the classroom and outside. It means so much to me!”

Well done Joy! We are sure your future in sport will be bright!

Ruby was also one of the top achievers this year and has gained an outstanding clutch of GCSE results! She can’t wait to start Winstanley College in September, studying A-levels in Economics, Politics, Sociology and History. Ruby is hoping that after her A-levels, she will go on to gain a degree apprenticeship.

Ruby said, “The overall relationships that I have made with teachers and students have been the best bit about being at Co-op Academy Walkden. I have had a really positive experience and it’s such a nice environment to go to school in.”

Well done Ruby, we are sure you will do well in your A-levels and we wish you luck in your future apprenticeship too!