Combined Cadet Force

Combined Cadet Force

Our Combined Cadet Force is back up and running and Mrs Bawden is looking to recruit new cadets to the unit. Our Combined Cadet Force is the first extra-curricular activity to start running after the pandemic, and we are so pleased to be returning to some sort of, all be it covid safe, normality.

Students were introduced to the Combined Cadet Force via a presentation in form time this week and so, we wanted to make parents/carers aware of this fabulous opportunity too.

What is the Combined Cadet Force?

Students, from Year 8 – 11 can join the Combined Cadet Unit. The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is made up of 4 sections: Army Cadets, Royal Navy Cadets, RAF Cadets, Royal Marine Cadets. Currently, we are offering students the opportunity to join the Army Cadets Section.

There are many different activities that the students will have the opportunity of taking part in, for example, fieldcraft, drill, first aid, and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Students will be able to attend adventure training and an annual Easter camp.

When does the Combined Cadet Force meet?

Students parade every Tuesday afternoon at 15:00 -17:30. Each parade begins with drill and turnout before separating into the different classes where lessons take place. Each parade ends with a fun team building exercise.

Is there a cost for these activities?

There is an initial cost for any student who wishes to join the Combined Cadet Force, and this is £50. The £50 pays for:

  • Uniform (including boots)
  • Transportation to and from events 
  • Running of the CCF

Additional costs include:

  • Annual Easter Camp – £40 for the week (this provides cadets with food for the 5 days, movie night, and a trip to Alton Towers)
  • Annual Summer Camp (the only cost is food for the week)
  • Any additional trips

How can my child get involved?

Four of our teachers make up the cadet staff at the Academy, and they are Mrs Bawden, Mr Johnson, Mr Green and Miss Richardson. If you are interested in your son/daughter joining the cadets, then they can speak to one of these members of staff, or you can email Mrs Bawden for more information on