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Most Able Newslettter | Issue 2

Most Able Newslettter | Issue 2

Hello again!

If you thought that the last edition had some interesting updates, then you will be pleasantly surprised to find that we have some more. Three new people have been added to our team this term; three hardworking and charismatic individuals who have made excellent additions to this terms edition of the Most Able Newsletter.

We have this term, a general knowledge quiz, that has a prize draw at the end for correct answers. We also have some inspiring articles focusing on scientific and social issues that need to be addressed in today’s society, such as pollution and bigotry. We have book reviews, recipes, and even stories to read. It is most certainly a rather interesting edition.

This term is a difficult one- Year 8’s have chosen their GCSE options, and Year 10s have done their first set of mock GCSE examinations. However next term, it gets even more difficult. The actual GCSEs are next term, with MFL speaking exams beginning in late April, and all other exams beginning mid-May. As you can imagine, nearly every Year 11 is working extremely hard to revise and prepare for this stressful time. Congratulations, however, to the Year 10s in completing their mock exams, and good luck to the Year 8s who have all of this to come.

The next edition of the Most Able Newsletter will be my final one. The newsletter shall continue, but under a different editor. I am rather upset about this, to say the least, as I am very proud to lead my team in their creativity and wonderful writing. I shall save the sob story for next edition, and I will not bore you any longer. Please read on, and enjoy this edition, as a lot of hard work has been put into this.

Thank you,

Helen M


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