Sonny Scores Premier League Offer

Sonny Scores Premier League Offer

We were thrilled to hear that one of our students had been offered a professional football contract with a Premier League side.

Sonny is currently part of Bolton Wanderers FC Academy for young talent. Sonny was recently offered the chance to sign for Brighton and Hove Albion FC, a Premier League side, but he has done what matters most and stayed true to himself, choosing to build his career here in the North West.

We are proud of Sonny’s determination and his strength of character; he is a true testament to the Co-op values.

Mr Tobutt, Sonny’s PE teacher, caught up with him to talk about Sonny’s career to date and how the offer has influenced his outlook on his career.

How long have you been playing for Bolton Wanderers FC?

At a young age, I was at Manchester United. Manchester City and Bolton made an expression of interest whilst I was there. The City link worked out for three years, and then I decided to join Bolton Wanderers FC. I have played there for the past five years.

What have been your highlights so far? 

Beating teams like Manchester United and Manchester City! That’s always a good feeling because of their category one standing at academy level. It feels like an outstanding achievement to win these types of games.

Do you feel that an opportunity will present itself in the first team in the future?

I’d like to think so. However, the club has introduced an Under 19 team and an Under 23 team. You need to play for them before reaching the first team, so it’s going to be a lot more challenging to make that step up. I’d like to think I will be playing in the Under 19 team by next season.

Talk me through your experience at Brighton and Hove Albion FC. How did you feel when you heard the news that a Premier League club was interested in signing you?

The feeling was slightly overwhelming. I felt it all happened rather quickly. The experience of travelling down to Brighton was…long! The facilities were amazing, every pitch worth at least one million pounds! This opportunity has given me the strength and belief that my time will come at a bigger club.

How will you use this experience to help you develop as a player?

It has developed my mindset and strength of character to believe in myself and never give up.

Who do you look up to, in and out of the game?

I don’t have any specific role models or players who I model my game on. In the future, I am looking forward to receiving my first paycheque and coming back to visit you when I’ve made it!