The Newsletter 16th July 2021

The Newsletter 16th July 2021

Dates for your Diary

  • Wednesday 21st July 2021 – Break for the Summer holiday
  • Thursday 12th August 2021 – Year 11 GCSE Results Day
  • Monday 16th August – Friday 20th August – Summer School
  • Tuesday 7th September 2021 – Welcome Year 7
  • Wednesday 8th September 2021 – Year 8 – 11 return to the Academy

Important Notices

Arrangements for Results Day – 12th August 2021

Results day for the academic year 2020-2021 will be on the 12th August 2021 for all GCSE, BTEC and Level 1/2 qualifications.

The academy will be open from 9:30 am until 12:30 pm for candidates to collect their results and celebrate with staff.

Students will be divided alphabetically and will either go to the atrium, sports hall or performance hall to collect their results.

Students may bring one parent/carer as support into the building with them.

A parent/carer can pick results up for students if they are unable to pick them up themselves, however, the parent/carer will need to bring photo ID and a consent letter, signed by their child. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email our exams office via 


If we keep medication in the Academy for your child, please come into reception to collect it. You will need to come in before 20th July 2021. If you are happy for your child to bring their own medication home, please give consent via email to All medications will be handed to students on the last day of term if you have given consent. Any medication not collected or sent home by 20th July 2021 will be disposed of.

Changes to buses – September 2021

Please be aware of the new bus information from September 2021.

  • 904 will now be called 994 and run by Atlantic Travel.
  • 994 will provide an extra service at 4:20 pm each evening, the bus will be on opposite side of the road.
  • 994 bus will be shared with Canon Slade (approx 10 pupils) if they choose to use this service.
  • Y6 will now be called 993 and run by Tyrers Coaches.

Principal’s Welcome

Walkden, Co-op Academy Walkden, Salford, High School, Secondary School

Dear Parent/Carer,

Welcome to our final newsletter of the year and I want to thank all the contributors to this bumper edition, most importantly to all of our wonderful students who have been recognised for the brilliant things they do. Well done to all of them and my thanks to all the staff and parents/carers who go the extra mile to support them.

Parent/Carer survey

A huge thanks to the 254 parents and carers who responded to the survey 2 weeks ago. 2 key questions at the start related to online parents’ evenings and PE uniforms. The feedback was as follows:

1. Proposal to maintain parents’ evenings online – 75.2% Agree or Strongly agree, 12.6% no strong opinion, and 12.2% disagree or strongly disagree. Based on this feedback from parents and a similar trend from staff, we will continue with online parents’ evenings in 2021-22, using SchoolCloud. Additionally, we will run 2 parents’ evenings for Year 11, one in the Autumn and one in the Spring, to support catch up in preparation for GCSE’s 2022.

2. Proposal to continue with students wearing PE uniforms on the days they have PE – 89.8% Agree or strongly agree, 5.1% no strong opinion, 5.1% disagree or strongly disagree. Based on this feedback we will continue to operate this policy for the time being. It is essential that uniform standards are high and I will explain all expectations in my letter next week.

Farewell to staff

We have just two and half days of the term left and all staff and students will be ready for a well-earned break over the summer. The end of the summer term is a time when we often say farewell to colleagues who have given their service to Walkden. The staff who are leaving are listed below and I am sure you will all join me in wishing them all the very best for their future ventures. We look forward to welcoming some new colleagues in September and I will introduce them all in the first newsletter at that time.

  • Mr Brides (Engineering)
  • Miss Cochrane (Science)
  • Miss Raja (Science)
  • Mr Doel (PEMr Gibbins (History)
  • Miss Gaynor (English)
  • Miss Hobson (English)
  • Mr McManus (Geography)
  • Mrs Oldbury (MFL)
  • Miss Purdy (MFL)
  • Miss Longworth (HIVE)
  • Mrs Moynihan (Reception)
  • Miss Richards (Maths)
  • Mr Sutcliffe (Maths)

I would also like to acknowledge the long service of two colleagues who will still be with us in September. Mrs Dunphy has now been at Walkden for 25 years and Mrs Ball has been with us for 20 years. Both are committed to the academy and providing the best education for the children who attend – congratulations to them both for such long and dedicated service.

End of term

The national Covid-19 restrictions end on Monday 19th July 2021, however, I want to be clear that we will not be changing anything in the academy for the remaining 2.5 days. It seems sensible to maintain our restrictions for this short period, especially given the high Covid rates in the area at present. The last thing we want to do is increase the risk, just at the point where we want all staff and students to be able to go and enjoy their break, hopefully Covid-free! This means that we will still be insisting on masks until students leave at lunchtime on Wednesday 21st July 2021.

Forward planning

I will be sending a letter outlining all the plans for the start of term in September next week. This will outline our plans to test students twice at the start of term. I will also outline expectations around uniforms, with links to all the relevant information which will be updated on the website.

More than anything, we are really looking forward to what we hope will be a much more normal year for our students and we can focus on all the things that will make our school the very best learning environment where all students can excel both academically and personally. It will be an exciting start to the year and we look forward to welcoming the 312 new Year 7 students who will begin their five year journey with us at that time.

My best wishes for the weekend ahead and please do look out for the letter next week.

M Hacker


Departmental Achievements

Maths Mentoring

Mr Green emailed us to sing the praises of students from his form group who have been mentoring Year 7 students in Maths during form time. Mr Green said, “8 students from my form, 10NGR, have been volunteering to mentor Year 7 students. They have made me a very proud form tutor!” Well done to those students who have done what mattered most and helped our community succeed together.

Makes and bakes

We love seeing what the Year 10 Food Preparation and Nutrition students have been making. Their skills never fail to amaze us, and now they are back in the kitchen there is nothing stopping them from honing their talents.

Mrs Kettle sent us a raft of pictures from their recent practical work which has included making meringue kisses, lemon curd desserts, and fresh pasta!

Fabulous work! Well done for being yourself, always, and showing your skills and creativity in your work.

Geography Trip

On 22nd and 23rd June, Year 10 Geography students took part in their fieldwork enquiry visiting Ainsdale beach and Salford Quays. The field trip enquiry formed part of the GCSE assessment and students were tasked with collecting data to test a hypothesis. Mr Ward, Teacher of Geography, wrote a blog about the trip and its importance to the students’ study of local Geography. You can read it here.

PSE – Explorer for Year 9

On Thursday 8th July, we welcomed seasoned explorer Charlie Walker into the Academy via a virtual video link. Charlie joined our Year 9 students, in their PSE lesson, to take them through stories of his amazing adventures. He spoke about facing challenges head on and building resilience in the face of adversity. The Year 9 students and staff loved this and Charlie was a real inspiration. Thank you Charlie for doing what matters most and sharing your experiences to help our students succeed in the future.

Sports Day

The structure of Sports Day has had to change this year due to Covid but we have still celebrated the sporting talents of the students at Co-op Academy Walkden.

Rather than it being run on one day with the whole school, students have been participating in a series of sporting challenges in 3 PE lessons over 2 weeks.

The events have also been streamlined but students have still taken part in a range of athletics events. The events that the students have taken part in include: 100m, 300m, 800m, long jump, shot put, and discus.

The top 6 students, across each year group per event, will then take part in a Sports Day Final on Tuesday 20th July 2021.

Mrs Schafer, Acting Head of PE said, “Students have made a fantastic start to the event and have enjoyed challenging themselves in the events.” Well done to our students who have shown their true Co-op values in great sportspersonship!

Hive Sports Day Challenge

On Thursday 15th July 2021, a number of students took part in the HIVE Sports Day Challenge. This involved a range of different activities such as relays, rounders, and team building activities. The students competed in their year groups and demonstrated great teamwork and team spirit at all times.

It was a great afternoon that was enjoyed by all and blessed with good weather.

Mrs Faulkner, HLTA, said, “The students excelled themselves, showing great behaviour and resilience. The students displayed the core co-op values by succeeding together and showing they care. Well done to all the pupils involved in the challenges. We are very proud of you all!”

Winner of the Trust Art Competition

Congratulations to Annie, in Year 11, who has won the Key Stage 4 Art prize in the Co-op Academies Trust Art competition. 

We are so proud of you!

You can see Annie’s winning piece here and we think it is stunning! A well deserved win Annie, well done!

The Martian Tree has landed!

You may remember that Mr Green, Teacher of Science, teamed up with the Thales Group to send an experiment into space. The conditions that the experiment went through mimicked the conditions on Mars and the experiment was designed for future astronauts to learn more about this exciting planet.

Two of our Year 7’s won the competition to have their experiment sent. Their idea was to send tree seeds up into space to see if there was a difference in growth when they returned to earth.

Last week, Mr Green received the experiments back and will be planting the control seeds and the space seeds over the summer. We can’t wait to see the difference on our return!

Pastoral Achievements

As a Co-op Academy, we strive to live our lives through the Co-op Ways of Being. We want all members of our community to do what matters most in and out of lessons. We want them to show they care for themselves, others, and the academy environment. We want the individuals in our community to be themselves, always, but we also want individuals to come together as a collective community, helping everyone succeed together.

Our students are brilliant at showing the Co-op values every day, but for our end-of-year newsletter, we asked our Head’s of Year and form tutors to highlight one student who had gone the extra mile in showing the values of the Co-op. Here is what each Head of Year said, who they nominated and why they nominated them.

Well done to all of our students for getting through a tough year, but especially to the 16 mentioned below who pioneered the way in showing their true values.

Show You Care – Ayshat 7SBS – “She is a good friend to everyone in the form, always tries her best in lessons, and shows exemplary behaviour at all times.” Well done Ayshat.

Succeed Together – Moses 7RCU – “Moses is a very kind and considerate young man. He always tries hard in all he does and will often help peers, especially with technical computer support. When he took part in our recent ‘Break Out Room’ experience with the form, he led his team to great success by encouraging them all to work together to gain a fantastic time.” Well done Moses.

Be Yourself, Always – Blake 7DPR – “Blake is a fantastic asset to our Academy, he is so positive and an excellent role model to other students.”  Well done Blake.

Do What Matters Most – George 7ASI – “George is an exemplary student and always does what matters most. His industrious efforts with both his classwork and home learning this year are an example to all. George fully understands the importance of academic achievement and this is reflected in his successes in what has been a difficult year for all.” Well done George.

Show You Care Jasmine 8JTI – “Jasmine is caring to others in school and is always willing to help.” Well done Jasmine!

Succeed Together Harvey 8ADY – “Harvey is hard working in all his subjects and is supportive of his peers.” Well done Harvey.

Be Yourself, AlwaysHarry 8HQU –  “Harry always comes to school with a smile on his face and is hard working in all his subjects. Well done Harry!

Do What Matters Most – Olivia 8THA – “Olivia always strives to do what matters most in all her lessons and is helpful to others.” Well done Olivia!

Show You Care – Freya 9AUN – Freya continually shows compassion to others and has a fantastic attitude of caring for those around her. Freya always makes everyone smile with a cheery and positive ‘Good morning’ each day.” Well done Freya!

Succeed Together – Emily 9MBA – “Emily continues to push herself to succeed in all subject areas and to support her peers.” Well done Emily.

Be Yourself, Always – Nicki 9PCO – “Nicki always attends school with a positive attitude and gives her all in every subject.” Well done Nicki.

Do What Matters Most – Sam 9NHA – “Sam always strives to do what matters most and care for those around him.” Well done Sam.

Show You Care – Nakita 10NDE – “If I had to choose a friend it would be this young lady. Always thinking about others and making sure when things are not going well for someone she is there to offer support and seeks help, an extremely caring and loyal student, well done Nakita, you always make me smile.” Well done indeed Nakita!

Succeed Together – This goes out to all my Year 10 Students who’ve stepped it up a notch despite working and learning through an extremely difficult year.

Year 10, I’ve had so much pleasure supporting you. You’ve shown me what resilience is made of, you are a credit to yourselves. 

Keep looking up, moving forward, and be your very best, you’re going to smash Year 11, very proud of you all! Well done.

Be Yourself, Always – Ari 10LWE- “A fantastic personal achievement during some pretty difficult times. Well done Ari! I’m extremely proud of you. Carry on becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be!”

Do What Matters Most – A wonderful young man in Year 10 – “Despite lots of changes and personal challenges in this young man’s life,  he is settled at  Co-op Academy. He attends the Academy daily and tries to be the best he can be, and with a big hearty smile! Keep on going, you’re smashing it!”

Inclusion – A Year in Achievements

It has been a busy first year in our new Inclusion Centre! Miss Peet and the Inclusion Team are extremely proud of all the student’s achievements over the last 12 months. 

The Inclusion Centre staff and students participated in Anti-Bullying week. Students also showed they cared at Christmas, by making thank you cards and soap gifts for staff, friends, and family. 

All students engaged well and thoroughly enjoyed their weekly PIE sessions. Well done to all students who achieved their awards! 

Students have engaged well with Science experiments, we also have a few meteorologists amongst the group!

Staff have been serenaded during our Music club over lunchtimes.

Looking at the Inclusion Garden, it is clear to see that hard work really does pay off! 

We are also extremely privileged to have our own plots over at RHS Bridgewater. Students have enjoyed growing their own fruit and vegetables in the community garden. Visits to the RHS are always the highlight of the week! 

We are lucky to have our own ‘Master Chefs’ here in Inclusion! Students have produced delicious food this year! Fairy cakes and Yule logs were gifted to staff, friends, and family! 

All students have worked incredibly hard this year and produced outstanding work.

Community Achievements at Walkden

Book Donation to African Children

Co-op Academy Walkden has donated 18 boxes of books and resources to the charity Books2Africa. These books will be used to help young people in Africa get a good education.

Thank you to all staff involved in making this happen.

It’s always great to catch up with our successful alumni, and that is what Mrs Hall did this week.

Ella attended Walkden High School from 2011-2016 before we converted to Co-op Academy Walkden. Passing on to study her A-Levels at Bolton Sixth Form College, Ella has just completed an undergraduate LLB Law degree achieving First Class Honours from Manchester Metropolitan University. 

Her journey was not easy but through hard work, determination, and stunning resilience, Ella has become the latest in a long line of successes the school would like to share. You can find her interview with Mrs Hall here.

RHS Bridgewater Harvest

Over the past few months, our students have been travelling to RHS Bridgewater to tend their own vegetable and flower patches. Students have been learning about what to plant, how to look after the blooms, and when to harvest, and the students were rewarded on the 8th July 2021, when they brought back a bag full of onions, kohlrabi, and turnips to share amongst the staff and students at Walkden. Well done to the students who have shown their true Co-op values by succeeding together, showing they care for the plants, and doing what matters most to make them thrive.

HIVE Work experience

For their work experience, Year 10 HIVE students were challenged with the task to design or promote, a product, depending on the brief.

This has been a 4-week project and the Year 10 HIVE students have had to present their research and finished project to a panel of employers.

One group, who were given a project brief by Salford Public Health, presented their work to the Academy’s Careers Advisor and other staff members this week and we were very pleased with how they did.

Mrs Faulkner, HLTA, said, “The students have worked incredibly hard on their project over the last few weeks and I am immensely proud of them. They have worked well together as a team and presented their ideas coherently. They have achieved some fantastic outcomes for the project.”

Well done to the Year 10 HIVE students! You have done what matters most and succeeded together.

GoIT Careers Workshop

Last Friday, Year 8 students took part in a ‘GoIT’ careers workshop. TCS partnered with Co-op to carry out a full day virtual event for them and it was an amazing experience.

The aim of this event was to give hands-on, case study-based experience to students to give them a peek into the problems that IT can solve. It covered key topics like Design Thinking, Story Boarding, and Prototyping to solve real world problems.

Towards the end of the event, students presented some excellent ideas supported by storyboards and mobile app prototypes, all of the ideas were excellent, but the winning team was SusFish – an app to help produce and distribute fish in a sustainable manner locally.

Well done to the winning team.

Student Achievements in the Community

Champion Futsal Player

Year 11, Joy, was awarded player of the Final when her team Bolton Futsal Club made the Super Series Final of this popular sport.

The Super Series Final represents the highest level of Futsal in the country, and we couldn’t be more proud of Joy pioneering her way to success within her team.

Well done!

Learning Braille

Ms Purdy, Teacher of French, got in touch with us to let us know that Emelia in Year 7 had been teaching herself to read Braille in her spare time. She caught up with her for an interview:

Why did you start learning Braille? 

I was watching a TV show and someone in the show was blind and knew braille. I was fascinated and wanted to learn it. My parents bought me a box of books from the RNIB to help me learn braille. 

How did you learn Braille? 

The books have fabric puzzles in them as well as other braille activities. I have also used some apps to help me learn braille. It is really challenging and I nearly gave up at one point. But with a lot of patience and resilience, I have kept learning. 

Why should people learn Braille? 

It’s a really good hobby to learn. I think others should learn braille, as someday you might make friends with someone who is blind and you will be able to understand if they send you a message using braille. 

Fabulous Art Work

You may remember the fabulous artwork of a black Labrador that we put on our social media during the lockdown, we certainly think it’s one of the best pieces of work we have shared and we couldn’t be prouder of the skills that Maisie in Year 9 has.

Her Mum contacted us again when we put a shout-out for student success and good work on social media, and we are really glad she did. Maisie’s Mum forwarded us some more of her amazing artwork, along with some crochet that she had done for her Aunty during the lockdown.

Maisie taught herself to crochet through watching YouTube videos and it looks like her talent is rapidly extending beyond her paintbox.

Maisie’s Mum said, “Maisie continues to make and paint gifts for family and friends to cheer everyone up. She never brags but I think it’s lovely to show off her kindness.” And so do we!

Well done Maisie for being yourself always!

Well done Leo!

Another parent got in touch too in response to our social media call out. Leo in Year 10 has had an excellent year at Walkden, and his Mum wanted to pass on her congratulations to him. His Mum said, “I just want to email to say how proud I am of Leo. Throughout the pandemic, his Dad and I both worked fulltime and Leo has been home alone the whole time working as hard as he can on his school work. His report was great and his grades were fantastic. Keep up the hard work in Year 11 Leo!” Well done Leo – we are really proud that you did what mattered most and showed that you cared about your future! Well done.

Rugby Medal

Congratulations go to Jamie in Year 7 who received a medal for being the most improved player for Eccles RFC. Well done Jamie, we are proud that you have shown the Co-op value of ‘Be yourself, always’ and achieved this fabulous accolade.

Football Achievements

Well done to Owen in Year 10 who has finished the football season as a double league champion! Owen plays for two teams, both of which came top of their leagues!

Urmston Meadowside United, came top of Division 2 of the Timperley and District Under 15s league and FC Bridgewater Wolves topped Division 4 of the Bolton, Bury and District league. Well done to Owen for being part of the team who succeeded together! We are proud of you.  

Greater Manchester Schools Athletics Championships

Congratulations to Jasmine, Sophia, and Marissa who represented Salford at the Greater Manchester Schools Athletics Championships in June.

What a fantastic achievement!

Well done to all three of you for doing what matters most!

Summer Activities

Summer School

From Monday 16th – Friday 20th August 2021, we are running a Summer School for our new Year 7 cohort, in partnership with The Inspirational Learning Group. The Summer School theme is ‘Design your own Roller Coaster’ and we are sure that, with all the activities planned, students will have an exciting week. The week’s activities will end with a trip to Alton Towers. We can’t wait to report back on how this week went, and how much our new students enjoyed it.

The Deans Youth Centre

For three weeks in the summer holidays, The Deans Youth Centre, Swinton, are offering a range of activities for free. Children must be Year 6 leavers or older. The activities can be found here:


Three of our Year 10 students are going to get the opportunity to experience life as a virtual Oxford University student this summer! Three Year 10 students will be undertaking study and activities with the outreach team down in Oxford via an online link. We hope they have a wonderful time!