UA92: Q & A with Gary Neville

UA92: Q & A with Gary Neville

On Tuesday 18th May, Co-op Academy Walkden hosted a special Q&A webinar session with ex-Manchester United and England footballer Gary Neville in partnership with University Academy 92. ‘Attack The Day’ gave students in school an opportunity to ask any questions regarding education, mindset, resilience, and also any burning questions on the latest football topics. The meeting was broadcast to all forms on Tuesday morning as Gary Neville faced a grilling from the would-be journalist Mr Tobutt!

In the session, Gary discussed the importance of making the most of the years at school whilst also championing the new campus at UA92 and the opportunities available to young people in the world of Business, Media, and Sport. There were lots of key messages and important issues addressed in the half hour webinar with Neville sharing his thoughts on players past and present, whilst providing an insight into his experiences with the Class of ’92 and their academic venture. 

During the Q&A session, questions including

  • ‘What motivates you?’
  • ‘Who do you most admire in the game?’
  • ‘What would you do differently if you were still at school?’
  • ‘What advice would you give a young footballer trying to develop their game?’.

Overall, this was a fantastic experience to share with our students and there was a noticeable buzz around the Academy during the morning. It was great to see and hear lots of pupils with positive comments about the session – with a huge thanks to Gary Neville and staff at UA92 for making this possible.