Virtual Work Experience

Virtual Work Experience

As with many activities, work experience for Year 10 this year has had to be re-imagined. Due to the pandemic, we cannot ask students to undertake the traditional week out in industry.

Work experience is usually a student’s first taste of the world of work. Work experience allows students to see professional attitudes being modelled and allows them to absorb the ways of being in the workplace. Alongside being able to see the professional behaviours expected in the workplace, students also start developing their industry skills. Through assisting on different tasks, they learn about what the job, on a day-to-day basis, actually is, rather than what they might have thought it was. This valuable insight into their chosen career can help students make the right decisions when choosing their options post-16 and direct them on to the right path for the rest of their future.

Such is the importance of work experience, we did not want to deprive them of this valuable practice for their future beyond school. Therefore, we are offering the students in Year 10 virtual work experience this year.

Over the next six weeks, Year 10 students will be competing against other teams in their chosen sectors to design a project in line with the brief given to them by their employer.

The teams will be given a booklet with top tips that they need for the competition. The booklet will be given to students in the form time launch, where they will also be able to choose their sector to virtually work in.

On the 10th June 2021, students will be put into sector groups and introduced to their employer and the brief they will need to meet. Students will learn about the employer’s background and career journey, and they will be able to ask them questions about the industry.

Students will need to assign themselves roles, such as project manager, PR and Marketing Director, and Finance Director. Students will learn about what each role entails and will need to take on this role for the whole five-week project, developing their project management and leadership skills.

Over the next five weeks, students will work in their teams to develop their product under the guidance of their employer, who will be on hand to answer any questions via Google Classroom. Students will have a chance to check in with their employers once a week, offering further insight into workplace meetings.

Students will then work on developing their product, presenting it in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style pitch to their employer on Week 5, who will then choose a sector champion.

We are thoroughly excited by the projects that our employers have come up with. We hope that the Year 10 students will employ their creativity and skills to make the most of the opportunity offered to them by industry leaders. We believe that the experience of working on a real-life, live brief with industry experts will allow our students to develop the valuable skills they need for the future in a safe environment, and we look forward to seeing the results of their hard work!