Student Librarians

Every student has the opportunity to become a student librarian. 

Student Librarian Job Description 

Main Duties: 

  • Reshelving books and keeping the shelves tidy 
  • Using the book scanner 
  • Researching key events in Manchester and wider news to keep a library news board up to date 
  • Helping with displays 
  • Being helpful and ready to answer questions for other library users 

Student Librarians must be able to: 

  • Work well as part of a team 
  • Be friendly and helpful to other library users 


  • Helping out on Y7 Library trips 
  • Student librarian raffles 
  • Stamps 
  • Book prizes 
  • New skills (like working the book scanner) 
  • Student Librarian badge after completion of training 
  • Appreciation from teachers and students
  • Satisfaction from doing a good job

Application Form