Combine Cadet Force

The Co-op Academy Walkden CCF is sponsored by the Ministry of Defence and the Department of Education. The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is recognised as a first class, extracurricular activity for the development of young people, providing exciting opportunities for cadets to exercise responsibly and learn leadership skills in a disciplined environment.

Our Combined Cadet Force is an Army section affiliated with the Clifton, Salford Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME). REME embodies the ethos of the soldier/tradesman. As a part of a Corps forged on the battlefield, they keep the steel in the Army’s artillery. REME is built upon innovation, meeting the twin requirements of military proficiency and engineering skill, supporting every unit in the British Army.

Through structured, military themed and adventurous activities, cadets take responsibility to live and breathe our values of Self-Help, Self-Responsibility, Democracy, Equity, Equality and Solidarity. This experience enables each cadet to develop a rich sense of service to their country and their community, as true champions and ambassadors of ‘British Values’ within the school.

The CCF offers pupils an opportunity to get to enjoy a wide-range of relationships across the school & community, to build new friendships and to work together to take on new challenges. Whatever academic ability, the CCF provides a unique opportunity for all to shine.

Very few schools offer this opportunity to their pupils, we are very proud that we do.


As part of the wider military family, The Co-op Academy Walkden CCF contingent offers our pupils a unique and broad range of challenging, exciting, adventurous and educational activities, such as:

  • Adventure Training
  • Leadership
  • Marksmanship
  • Drill
  • Community work
  • First Aid
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Expeditions
  • Field Craft
  • Summer Camps
  • and much, much more…

The CCF experience will provide an education and experience that teach each cadet to:

  • Do what matters most
  • Be yourself, always
  • Show you Care
  • Succeed together

Each of these personal qualities will remain of value throughout the cadets’ lives and the lives of those they influence. It will positively impact their journey throughout education and the early stages of their chosen careers. The Co-op Academy Walkden Combined Cadet Force is the ultimate experience of personal development for our pupils.

Cadet Unit Staff

Cadet Leaders and the Contingent Commander each hold the Queen’s Commission as CCF Officers under the guidance of our assigned Army Cadet Instructor.

To discuss the CCF in more details please contact any of the following Cadet team

  • Contingent Commander – 2Lt Bawden
  • Cadet Leader – 2Lt Richards
  • Cadet Leader – 2Lt Green
  • Cadet Leader – 2Lt Johnson
  • Army Cadet Trainer – Sgt Sarginson
  • Head of Cadets: Mr Mangas, Senior Leader Careers & Pupil Personal Development


Joining the CCF is entirely voluntary and you are not expected or encouraged to pursue a military career, although if this is something that you are considering, it will provide a fantastic first step.

Cadet begins in Year 8 & 9 and extends throughout their time with us and, hopefully, post-16.

A Pre-Cadet recruitment programme also begins in the summer term of Year 7 for those wishing to sample a cadet style experience prior to joining in Year 8.


The CCF Cadets parade on a Tuesday afternoon as an extracurricular activity, from 3:15 – 5:15pm. There will also be several weekend activities and exercises throughout the year which cadets to attend.

Weekly training in the first year will provide a firm military foundation based on weapon training, marksmanship, field-craft, navigation skills, first aid and drill.

Social Impact: CCF Independent Research

Schools that have set up cadet units have seen significant benefits for their young people, their schools and the local community. Schools have seen significant improvement in attendance and behaviour, improvement in attainment, commitment, self-confidence and discipline and that relationships between staff and students have improved. This creates positive benefits in all areas of school life including the character skills strongly valued by employers such as leadership, teamwork, communication, integrity and career progression.

The interim findings of an independent report, compiled by the University of Northampton, who undertook research across the entire cadet programme (including the CCF), has found that joining the cadets offers a range of benefits to individuals involved and the wider community.

The full report can be read in full on the University of Northampton’s website.  

Further Information

For more information on the CCF at the school, please  visit our Careers & Enrichment Portal  and the Combined Cadet Force website: