Remote Learning


Homework is an important part of learning for students at Co-op Academy Walkden.

Why set homework?

  • Homework helps to reinforce learning and develop good study habits and life skills;
  • Homework improves student achievement;
  • Homework allows parents and carers to be involved with their child’s learning;

Homework should meet at least one of these core principles: 

  • Embed knowledge (revision and self quizzing);
  • Practice (redrafting or improving work);
  • Extend (deepen existing knowledge); 
  • Apply (apply knowledge to extended writing or exam question);

Example homework activities:

  • Self quizzing important vocabulary and concepts;
  • Learning information on a knowledge organiser;
  • Short or long answer questions or writing;
  • Reading;
  • Research for a specific task;

As a guide:

  • Years 7 approximately 30-60 minutes in total (15-20 minutes per subject)
  • Year 8 approximately 45-90 minutes in total (20-30 mins per subject);
  • Year 9 approximately 60-120 minutes in total (30-45 mins per subject);
  • Years 10 & 11 approximately 90-150 minutes in total (30-60 mins per subject).
Pupils should expect to get 2-3 pieces of homework a night. They should engage in self quizzing retrieval activities for each subject on a weekly basis.
Students should:
  • Log in to Google classroom every day to check homework and catch up on missing work;
  • Try their best with each piece of homework and complete it on time;
  • Ask for help if they find homework difficult;
Parents/Carers can:
  • Provide a quiet place for pupils to study;
  • Talk to pupils about their homework;
  • Encourage pupils to be organised and meet deadlines.