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Summer School FAQs

Who can attend?

Anyone joining us in September as part of our new Year 7 cohort is welcome to attend. 

What dates and times will the Summer School run?

The Summer School will run from Monday 16th August – Thursday 19th August 2021. Students will be expected to arrive on-site at 9.30 am Monday – Thursday. They will be dismissed at 2.30 pm. 

On Friday 20th August 2021, we will are taking the students on a trip to Alton Towers. Because of this, we will have an earlier start time and a later end time. Currently, we are anticipating that the timings for Friday’s Summer School will be 8.30 am – 5.00 pm. Please note, we will you about the timings for the trip this well in advance of the day. 

How much is it to attend the Summer School?

  • The week is free of charge.
  • There is a place for ALL students in the new Year 7 cohort.
  • Students must commit to the full week of activities.

Is lunch provided for the students?

  • Lunch will be provided each day, free of charge. 
  • Students are not expected to wear school uniforms to summer school. We advise that students bring a refillable water bottle with them each day. 

Who will supervise the students at the Sumer School?

The Summer School is being run by an external agency. Academy staff will also be there to supervise. Every day, there will be a member of the Senior Leadership Team, a first aider, and a fire marshall on site.  For every 25 students, there will be two members of staff: one from the external agency and one from our own staff.

How will the supervision at Alton Towers be arranged?

  • One member of staff will stay in the same spot at all times in case a student becomes separated from their group.
  • Students will move around the park in groups of 10 and each group will have 1 member of staff with them at all times.
  • The trip is part of the summer school and therefore the cost of the entry ticket and the travel to and from the theme park is free.
  • All students will be provided with a  packed lunch for the day, but students may want to bring spending money for additional drinks or snacks. 

Covid Safety Expectations 

All of our activities are planned in line with the rules and regulations set out in Government guidelines.  We will update you further on any Covid safety expectations nearer to the Summer School. This will ensure that you are given the most up to date information. 

Primary Transition 2021

Welcome to the Co-op Academy Walkden community. We are so pleased that your child has been offered a place here for September 2021 and we look forward to welcoming them into our community for the next five years of their learning journey.

We hope this page provides you with all the information you will need but if there is anything we can help you with, please get in touch with our Year 7 team at:

All of our communication this year will be online, so please make sure you check our social media pages and our website regularly for any updates.

You will find us on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter as @WalkdenCoop.

We look forward to meeting you and your child.

Welcome: Your Head of Year

Welcome to Co-op Academy Walkden and the start of the next chapter of your young lives. I am looking forward to helping guide you through the next 5 years of your academic journey, both academically and pastorally. I will try to remove any barriers and help to guide you to not only achieve your potential in the classroom but also help you to continue to be a good citizen in our community.

Mr Healey

(Head of Year 7)

Important Information

Once you have received a formal offer from Salford Local Authority for a place at Co-op Academy Walkden you must complete our Admissions Data Collection Form 2021 and return it to us by Friday 25th June 2021.

Bus Passes

Apply for an igo Pass –
Yellow Bus information –

Admissions Information

For parents seeking a place for the start of Year 7 in September

Applications should be made to Salford Admissions before the end of the preceding October. This process remains open until December after students have started in Year 7. From January, any applications to any year groups are made following the In Year Applications process.

For parents seeking a place in Year 7 after December, or for any other year group

Applications can be made to Salford Admissions Authority at any point in the year through the In Year Applications process. Complex cases are identified during this process and are reviewed at a monthly panel before being allocated.

Information Evening

Useful Information

Whilst our website is full of useful information about our Academy, we want you to be able to access the most important information quickly and easily. Please find links below to information we think you will find useful:

Curriculum Overview 

Timings in the Academy


Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child get to pick their form group?

At Walkden we want to ensure the transition from primary to secondary is as smooth as possible for each student. Whilst students don’t get to choose their form or who they are in a form with, we take the process of choosing each child’s form very seriously. For each student attending Walkden we meet with their year 6 teacher to gather helpful information and we use a lot of this advice and knowledge to place a student in a form group. 

What if my child has no friends in their form group?

We ensure that every pupil is in a form with someone they went to primary school with so that there is a familiar face on the first morning. Students will be in different classes for each subject and meeting new people every day in those first few weeks. Before long, these new students have become friends. If a student is attending from a primary school and none of their peers are coming to Walkden, we will be sure to put them in a form group with a student in a similar situation. 

Does my child need to bring their PE kit on the first day?

No, the students are not expected to bring their PE kit in for the first day. In their first form time session, they will receive their timetable informing them of their lessons. From the second day of school students can follow this timetable and bring their PE kits only on the days they have PE or any sporting events such as a Netball match. 

What equipment does my child need for school?

As a minimum expectation, we would advise pupils to arrive at school with a blue or black pen, a red pen, a pencil and a ruler. It is advised that they bring a pencil case and are welcome to bring other useful equipment such as highlighters or rubber etc but teachers will have spare equipment if pupils require it for their learning. 

How much lunch money does my child need?

At Walkden, we run a cashless catering service that means that students do not need to bring their lunch money to school. Parents and guardians must upload money onto a student’s account. Login information for ParentPay will come out to parents/carers in the Summer holidays before pupils start at the Academy.  This will give parents/carers the chance to top up before pupils start in September.

£2.20 will cover a main meal at lunchtime (this includes a meal, dessert and a small drink) however extra items can be purchased. For early morning Breakfast or Breaktime, we have snacks ranging from 49p to 66p.

Pin codes will be issued on the first day into the Academy and children will be shown how/when to use them. 

What time does school start?

Morning Registration is at 8.30am and pupils need to be onsite for 8.25am so that they can be in their classroom on time for the start of the day. The school day ends at 2.50pm. 

If my child gets lost around school, will they get into trouble?

In the first few weeks there is support in place to make sure the students learn their way around the building. Students will not be punished if they are on occasion late to lesson in those early weeks. We find that by the October half term students are very confident with both using their timetable and navigating the school.

Student Information

We understand that moving to high school can be scary. But we are here to support you every step of the way and this page is filled with helpful information you will need before September. If there is anything we can help you with along the way before then, please get in touch with your year team at:

Tell us about yourself…

If you’re feeling excited about starting with us, why not create a poster about yourself showing which subjects you like and the hobbies you enjoy and email it to we would love to see your work and start getting to know you. 

Transition Activities