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Debate Mate

On Wednesday, COOP Academy Walkden held the second round of the Debate-Mate Urban Debate League. 12 Teams attended from 4 other schools and all the teams debated over 2 different topics. The first round was debating whether Proportional Representation is better than First Past the Post in terms of voting systems. One of Walkden A’s members scored 88/100, when the average high scoring team scores 73-74.

The second round was debating about whether companies who promote unhealthy lifestyles such as gambling or unhealthy food should not be able to sponsor events such as the World Cup or the Olympics. The Walkden Teams both scored amazingly well. We are still considered the second highest scoring school in the programme and the country. That is out of 240 schools! I am so proud of their success, and they are able to debate with confidence and knowledge on issues that are often very complex.

I also need to praise the Year 11s and Year 8s who supported with the event, being tour guides and refreshment organisers. The school is full of enthusiastic, thoughtful and empowered young people who are taking the debating world by storm.

Miss Gittins

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