Fairtrade Fortnight Winners

Fairtrade Fortnight Winners

In February, we celebrated Fairtrade Fortnight. As part of these celebrations, Mrs Hall ran two competitions. The first competition was a Fairtrade Quiz, and the second competition asked students to get creative and tell us about their vision for a fairer, greener future.

We are now pleased to announce the winners of the quiz and the creative competition.

The quiz winner was Matthew, in Year 10. Matthew was the only student to get all of the answers correct out of all 80 entries! Well done, Matthew, that is really impressive!

The creative vision of the future winner was Isabel, in Year 9, who wrote an excellent poem!

Here is Isabel’s poem below, it is titled ‘Fairtrade’:

My world is new, my world is bright

In my world is no darkness, just light

In my world, we don’t have to fight

In my world, everything is just right

My world is harmless, my world is peace

In my world, crime will decrease

In my world, there is no need for police

In my world, there’s no litter on the streets

My world is different, my world is change

In my world, it’s a good type of strange

In my world, it doesn’t matter your age

In my world, everyone takes the stage

Lastly, my world is kind, my world is fair

In my world, we have cleaner air

In my world, we all care

And in my world, everything we share

Mrs Hall also wanted to give a special mention to Sophia, in Year 9, for her picture. Sophia came runner up in the creative competition. Mrs Hall thought this was an amazing piece of artwork!

Lacey, in Year 7 and Evie, in Year 7, also entered the competition and their entries can be seen below:

Well done Lacy for making our only 3D piece of artwork and well done Evie for thinking of a line for each of the letters of Fairtrade! That is not easy!

Well done to all of the students who entered, and did what mattered most by supporting a fairer and greener future.