Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

There is so much going on at Co-op Academy Walkden. Below you will find an outline of the all the clubs and activities your son/daughter can get involved with over the year.

A handy guide to weekly extra curricular clubs can be found here.

For the GCSE pupils there are after school workshops available each week which are designed to offer support with classwork, homework and exam preparation.

Combined Cadet Force 

The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is recognised as a first class, extracurricular activity for the development of young people, providing exciting opportunities for cadets to exercise responsibly and learn leadership skills in a disciplined environment.

Held in the Atrium, 3:15pm – 5:15pm every Tuesday.

The CCF is open to all students in Years 8-10. If you are interested in joining please see Contingent Commander Mrs Bawden.

Find out more about Walkden’s Combined Cadet Force here.

Colouring Club 

Come and be mindful in colouring club. Held on a Thursday dinner time in E2, it is open to all students. If you bring your lunch, we will bring the really nice felt tip pens, some colouring sheets and some peace and quiet. 


Y10 Walkden University: a challenging addition to enhance knowledge of literature texts delivered in a lecture and seminar style;

Culture Club: explores novels, plays, poetry, film in an engaging way to broaden reading and interests;

Walkden Literature Festival: a week of activities centred around World Book Day. Activities included: ‘Get Your Head In a Book’, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Photo Booth in the atrium on World Book Day, Y11 An Inspector Calls Dinner Party Revision and a Poetry Slam.

Share a Story Month: a month-long writing competition, incorporating the theme set by Federation of Children’s Book Groups. Last year’s theme was Literature Across The World and included workshops on different cultures of the world.

Live performances of GCSE texts in school by Manchester Actors Company for Years 10 and 11.


Every summer, we take a group of Year 9 and 10 pupils to Italy to see the splendour of the ancient Roman empire for themselves… it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it! So that pupils get the chance to see as much as possible of the ancient Roman world, we alternate the trips each year between 2 destinations. Both visits complement the GCSE Ancient History course, but also provide pupils with an unforgettable wider cultural experience and involve eating far too much delicious, authentic pasta and pizza!


French Grade 7-9 club and Spanish Grade 7-9 club. This is held in Global Zone on a Wednesday dinner time. Open to Year 10 and 11.

Year 7 Beginners Spanish Club and MFL Homework Club for Key Stage 3 students. This is held in Global Zone on a Friday dinner time.

We also organise extra curricular events throughout the year for things like European Day of languages, Cinco de Mayp and Bastille Day.

In the summer term we have a Year 7 French Spelling Bee and Poetry Competition.

Coming soon: Key Stage 3 Beginners German Club and MFL film club.

LRC activities 

WOW club – Come and create your own piece of creative writing! Team up with a friend or go it alone. Perfect for all who are budding authors! WOW club is held in the LRC on a Monday 3pm – 4pm. Everyone welcome! 

Craft Club – Each week we pick a craft and try it out! This could be origami or badge making or knitting or drawing. Craft Club is held in the LRC every Tuesday 3pm – 4pm Everyone welcome!

ROFL club – Each year we take part in the Salford Children’s Book Award. We read a shortlist of books and vote for our favourites. ROFL club is held in the LRC every Wednesday 3pm – 4pm. Open to Year 7 and 8 students.

Quiz night –  Every Friday, come and compete with your friends to be ultimate champions! We rotate between Kahoot and more traditional picture, music and general knowledge round quizzes. We encourage pupils to create quizzes and be guest quiz masters. A wonderful way to end the week. Quiz night is held in the LRC every Friday from 3pm – 4pm. Everyone welcome! 

Homework drop in – Every night, the LRC is open from 2:50pm until 4pm for pupils to be able to complete homework. There is always staff on hand to help out. Everyone is welcome. 


iDEA Club – Time for students to carry out tasks in order to gain Bronze, Silver and ultimately gold badges. Gold to be awarded to students by Duke of York. This club is held in Core 3 on a Thursday lunch time and is open to Year 7, 8 and 9 students. 

Other extra curricular throughout the year:  Chess Club (see Mr Johnson for details),  Year 7/8 UKMT Junior Maths Challenge, Year 9/10 UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge, Year 10 Maths Feast (team competition held at University of Manchester).


There are a variety of opportunities to get involved in music outside the classroom, with daily clubs including; vocal groups, bands, musical theatre and ukulele.

Here is the timetable for 2019/2020:

Monday – Beginners Keyboard and Ukulele – E3 dinnertime.

Tuesday – Jazz band – E3 dinnertime. Musical Club – E3 – 3pm – 4pm.

Wednesday – GCSE club – Dinner time.

Thursday – Ukulele and Guitar club – E3 dinnertime.

Friday – Walkden Singers – E3 dinnertime.

Other extra curricular throughout the year: Performance events give students many chances throughout the year to showcase their talents. These include our Expression Showcase, Christmas Showcase, Annual Musical Production and Summer Sports Festival. Students also perform out in the community supporting events like the local Christmas lights switch on.


In PE there are many activities to get involved in for all students. PE have lot of different teams and, as well as the weekly extra curricular activities, they also compete in local and national competitions, such as cross country.

Each week PE run the following clubs. See the timetable or PE Staff for more details:

Monday – Year 11 Dance revision and multi-sports club.

Tuesday – Football Fixtures, Year 7 football training, Key Stage 3 Dance club, all years Netball practice and Peer Mentors football club.

Wednesday – Year 8 Football training, Netball fixtures and Bugsy Malone Rehearsals.

Friday – Year 10 and 11 sports studies, Year 11 PE Catch up, Year 10 Dance intervention and Year 11 Dance Practice.


STEM Club – Come along and take part in fun experiments and investigations. Lots of fun Science and Engineering activities with a few seasonal things throughout the year! STEM club is held in D8 on a Monday 3pm – 4pm. It is open to all students but is aimed at Key Stage 3.