Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

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  • Y11 Revision: delivered once a week to enhance and consolidate knowledge of literature texts
  • Y10 Walkden University: a challenging addition to enhance knowledge of literature texts delivered in a lecture and seminar style
  • Culture Club: explores novels, plays, poetry, film in an engaging way to broaden reading and interests
  • Walkden Literature Festival: a week of activities centred around World Book Day. Activities included: ‘Get Your Head In a Book’, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Photo Booth in the atrium on World Book Day, Y11 An Inspector Calls Dinner Party Revision and a Poetry Slam.
  • Share a Story Month: a month-long writing competition, incorporating the theme set by Federation of Children’s Book Groups. Last year’s theme was Literature Across The World and included workshops on different cultures of the world.
  • Live performances of GCSE texts in school by Manchester Actors Company for Years 10 and 11


Weekly Year 11 revision sessions

Extra numeracy intervention sessions across year groups to boost progress

Chess Club (see Mr Johnson for details)

Year 7/8 UKMT Junior Maths Challenge

Year 9/10 UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge

Year 10 Maths Feast (team competition held at University of Manchester)


STEM Club takes place every Monday after school in D1 for pupils in both Year 7 and 8. Come along and take part in fun experiments and investigations with Mr Green and Mr Barron.

Pupils are able to receive further help by logging into the revision site using their school email address.


The Spelling Bee Year 7 Homework Project is for students in Year 7 to practise and improve their vocabulary, spelling and memory skills in French.

Combined Cadet Force

Combined Cadet Force – Tuesday 3:15 – 5:15pm

Yr7 Pre-Cadets – Wednesday 3.00 – 4:30pm

Find further information about Combined Cadet Force here


Every summer, we take a group of Year 9 and 10 pupils to Italy to see the splendour of the ancient Roman empire for themselves… it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it!

So that pupils get the chance to see as much as possible of the ancient Roman world, we alternate the trips each year between 2 destinations. Both visits complement the GCSE Ancient History course, but also provide pupils with an unforgettable wider cultural experience and involve eating far too much delicious, authentic pasta and pizza!


There are a variety of opportunities to get involved in music outside the classroom, with daily clubs including; vocal groups, bands, musical theatre and ukulele. Performance events give students many chances throughout the year to showcase their talents. These include our Expression Showcase, Christmas Showcase, Annual Musical Production and Summer Sports Festival. Students also perform out in the community supporting events like the local Christmas lights switch on.

Art and Design

For the GCSE pupils there are after school workshops available each week which are designed to offer support with classwork, homework and exam preparation.

Every year in June the work of our Year 11 pupils is showcased and celebrated in our end of year exhibition. This is a great opportunity for KS3 pupils to gain an insight into the range and standard of GCSE work produced. The exhibition can help inform option choices which take place in year 8.

Learning Resource Centre

Here at Co-op Academy Walkden, we are proud to say our Learning Resource Centre is a hub of activity throughout the school day. Based on the first floor of the building near Expression zone, this multi-purpose room comprises of 30 PC’s and a large collection of Fiction and Non-Fiction books. During the day, the LRC is a regular classroom, used by a variety of subjects. The LRC is open from 8am to ensure pupil’s can complete homework if they so wish. We also have pens and other stationary for sale just in case your morning rush has left you without a pen for the day! We are also open every evening until 4pm; playing host to various clubs, for pupils to complete homework with teachers on hand if pupils get stuck and an area for friends to meet in a safe environment.

The LRC is also open during social times; a small group of student librarians assist Mrs Hastings to ensure the smooth running during these free times. It is the responsibility of the student librarians to keep the number of pupils to a reasonable level; this ensures a quiet and calm working environment for those who are completing homework.

We have a large collection of books ranging from classics through to fantasy and horror books. We are also part of the Salford Library Service, which means we receive 500 fantastic books on loan for one academic year giving our avid readers a chance to read newly released titles. We are constantly updating our collection, removing books which may be outdated or damaged and replacing them with brand new and exciting titles often suggested by the pupils themselves.

We openly encourage reading for pleasure and have a secret snug tucked away behind the teaching area especially for this purpose. Books are available for loan for 2 weeks at a time; Mrs Hastings will be able to help you select the perfect book for you, whatever your reading level.

Every Wednesday after school, ROFL club is held in the snug. “Reading our favourite literature” members read novels together and discuss them either in person at the club or on the google classroom dedicated to the club. We combine this club with the Salford Children’s Book Award, an annual event which encourages reading newly published books and ends with an awards ceremony at the Lowry.

On Monday after school, Walkden Original Writers takes place. A group of budding young authors meet to brush up their writing skills and share their ongoing projects. We advertise different children and young adult writing competitions and sometimes our pupils are lucky enough to be recognised!

Fridays after school, Mrs Hastings and various guest quizmasters run Quiz Club! A dedicated group of pupils return week after week to ensure they remain victorious. Each week consists of 2 or more rounds; a picture round, a music round and a general knowledge round often push our pupils competitive spirit to the max.

If you have any questions regarding the LRC or the various clubs we run, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Hastings via email hastings.n@walkdenhigh.co.uk

LRC CLUBS Before School
from 8am
Lunchtime Clubs 1pm – 1:35pm After School 3:15pm – 4:15pm
Monday Homework
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WOW Club ‐ Walkden Original
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Tuesday Homework
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Booster Club (English and
Booster Club (English and Maths)
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Wednesday Homework
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ROFL Club ‐ Reading Our Favourite
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Thursday Homework
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Booster Club (English and
Booster Club (English and Maths)
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Debate Club Quiz Club
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